Huguenot Nursery School has a very active Parents Commitee that supports the school. It’s main goals and purposes are:

· to enhance the community life of the school by promoting parent and family involvement

· to raise funds for the school that can be used to support enrichment programs, enhance school resources and facilities, and contribute to teacher appreciation events

What and when are the Parents Committee activities?


· Nursery School Parent Cocktail Party (late September)

· Thanksgiving-in-a-Box Fundraiser (November)

· Holiday "Pubs-of-Pelham" Crawl (early December)


· Adopt-A-Family (mid-December)

· Teacher Holiday Luncheon (mid-December)

· Magic Show (January)


· Two-by-Two at the Zoo (April)

· Vehicle Fair (May)

· Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (June)

· End of Year Pizza Picnic (June)

When does the Parents Committee meet?

We hold Parent Committee meetings every other month to discuss and create upcoming events at the school. We alternate the times of our meetings each month to give parents more opportunities to attend. Parents and children are welcome to attend these meetings.

How can you get involved?

The Parents Committee could not operate without our wonderful volunteer parents. If you would like to participate in the Parents Committee or any of its events, you can fill out an interest submission form (available online on the website), return classroom sign-up sheets sent home in your child’s bag, or email Kimberly FitzSimons at

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