In writing this final 2016/2017 edition of our school newsletter, I am once again reminded how quickly a school year can pass. The year is generally filled with contrasts: happy times/sad times; noisy times/quiet times; sunny days/cloudy days; successful experiences/ failures. This year probably was no exception.  Whichever situation we were facing, growth, continuation, understanding and education was ever present.
I enjoyed observing each group of children and teachers reaching new plateaus and developing caring relationships with new found friends. At Huguenot Nursery School we are working with "growing things", trying to understand and empathize with what these "growing things" (a child) feel and need.  Some of our relationships continue for as long as four years. A child can begin in Tot Drop and continue until they are ready to go to Kindergarten. Many important times are shared and there is always a touch of sadness to say good-bye to families who have become part of our school. And, of course, there is also a sense of pride in watching a child become a thinking, creative, exciting individual!                                
In this final newsletter I would like to quote from a book by Eda LaShan in which she speaks to parents about growing things - their children are the things, the parents are the gardeners - I'd like to share her thoughts with you.
"How do people make plants grow? Who are the best gardeners we know? It helps, of course, if a successful gardener knows a great deal about plants; if he knows how much water and sun or shade they need, of whether they grow best in acid or an alkaline soil.  It's helpful to know these things and the truly artistic gardener uses such information happily. But the crucial issue goes beyond information and as I have begun myself to experience the wonders of gardening in the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that the essence of good gardening is in the joy of watching growth - without conditions, without "shoulds". The gardener knows he cannot change a rose into a lilac, and he doesn't want to. It never occurs to him that extra vitamins and daily stretching of stems can turn a violet into an aster. He loves and accepts each bud and each bloom, with a sense of wonder and delight in a gift of Nature and he waits with patience and without conditions, to see how each plant will be different and quite entirely its very own special self....What makes the gardener great is his sense of wonder and delight and his command only that his plants be most alive and wondrously themselves, so that he can exult in the mysterious marvels of Nature's great gifts. Happy Gardening."
- Barbara Klein, Nursery School Director

"Strengthening Our Connections to Each Other and The Natural World"          
HNS Parents & Friends,
As part of our curriculum planning, HNS provides opportunities for our children to find joy and wonder in nature. Classroom experiences such as watching marigold seeds sprout or caterpillars forming cocoons are some of the provocations we set to connect children to the natural world. Experiences "En plein air" to listen for birds, paint or sketch wind and flowers, or weave at our outdoor loom are just some of the ways nature is embraced.
We are pleased to share our hope that by the end of next school year the installation of an "Intergenerational Community Garden" in partnership with Huguenot Memorial Church will take place. Working together school & church will provide garden experiences for our preschoolers and youth ministry. Research supports the benefits of gardening for children citing many positive results for growth , self esteem, teamwork, and caring for nature.
We will keep you updated on the progress this very important project for our school community. You are welcome to share your thoughts & ideas with myself, Mrs. Klein, or Pastor Jacob Bolton.
This Summer, we encourage you to enjoy time in your home gardens harvesting veggies or moments to collect shells,rocks, & sticks ~as we all strengthen our connections to each other and the natural world.
Joyful Wishes ~ Mrs. Marie Masseo , HNS Curriculum Director

4 year old Sing-a-long

The last day of school is Wednesday, June 7th. On Thursday, June 8th the four year old classes will have an end of the year sing-a-long. Children should be brought to their classroom at 8:45. Families should then take a seat in the Sanctuary. The first six or so rows will have a reserved sign for one family member to be the designated photographer. The designated family photographers will rotate as their specific class is on the stage. Don't worry, staff will be there to help you figure it all out and I will be sending more information. With 67 children singing, I know how difficult it is to see your child. After the sing a long there will be lots of time to take more pictures. All guests, except for the designated photographer can be seated where ever they like in the non reserved rows. The sing a long will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. There will be refreshments served after the sing-a-long. Please remember to have your child wear his/her hand print t-shirt.

June Bugs and Summer Camp

There are still a few spaces in June Bugs and Camp if you or anyone you know are interested. You can download an application from our website or come into the office to pick one up.

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