“Emergent Explorations in Our Classrooms: BLOCKS”
The classroom environment at HNS plays a role in understanding children's
interests. There is a magical place in our classrooms that lends itself to
creativity, inquiry, exploration, social skills, storytelling, and engineering in
our curriculum….BLOCKS.
The wonder of building is supported by various materials . The diverse types of wood, foam, tree, sparkling and painted fairy blocks to wooden ramps and cardboard tubes. Small carpet remnants and pieces of leather add to open ended experiences.
Children’s photo blocks along with pictures of structures or blueprints in books are available. These materials encourage children’s block play to lead to conversations about emerging interests. “The Builders” ask questions and formulate ideas
and theories that can be tested and reflected upon. Teachers assist children in making signs to name structures, take photos,or record children’s stories in a block books to build on interests.
At HNS, the investigations in our classrooms are varied from bridges, ramps, and pathways to towers, homes, castles, walls, and playgrounds to name a few. Each day we view “Emergent Explorations in our Classrooms” as a way to build and integrate our curriculum that supports inquiry, discovery, and teamwork. We invite you to send in any recycled materials that would spark investigations in our classroom block building areas~
With Gratitude,
Marie Masseo
HNS Curriculum Director

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