This year I am excited to have Fiona Hopkins- Rothenberg back at Huguenot Nursery School as our Artist in Residence. As we work together to get this program up and running, we are starting small and Fiona is just working with the full day classes. Eventually we hope to have all Huguenot children working with Fiona.
- Barbara
My name is Fiona Hopkins-Rothenberg, the children know me as Miss Fiona. I am the artist in residence at Huguenot Nursery School. Huguenot was where I initially began my teaching career. I was hired as an assistant in Mrs. Teubl’s classroom back in 2005. I eventually taught my own 3 and 4 year old classes before moving to Brooklyn for 5 years. Huguenot has always been a second home for me and after all these years I am so thrilled to be back.
I received an undergrad degree in Communications and minored in Visual Arts at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fl. After a short stint in Fashion PR in NYC I decided to attend grad school and received my MAT in Early Childhood Education from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. I taught at Huguenot Nursery School from 2005-2010 and then at Plymouth Church Preschool in Brooklyn, NY from 2010-2014. After having my first son I made the decision to stay at home with him.
Art is a form of communication that comes naturally to children. It is experiential, experimental and exploratory and does not always need to be planned or purposeful. Art activities develop fine motor coordination, awareness of color, shape, size, and texture. Art also develops an understanding of spatial relationships and the awareness that symbols hold meaning. The children develop self-expression and have an emotional through their creative expressions. My Visual Art curriculum offers an opportunity to experiment, explore, share, and create in a safe and open environment. Students acquire new knowledge and become increasingly more fluent in new ways of thinking, working, communicating and problem solving. They focus on healthy studio habits and learn vocabulary associated with the arts along with concepts that are expressed through a wide variety of art making processes. Our Preschoolers have opportunities to be creative every day, using a variety of materials. In art I will include printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, and collage. The type of art that I will be working on with the children is more of a guided art. I will feed them some ideas and let their imaginations go from there. I have been working weekly with the full day three and four year old classes. For the beginning of the year we have kicked off with fun projects as ice -breakers. Your children are new to me as I am new to them but I plan on getting to know them and their likes and dislikes and what piques their interest. From here I can help foster creative ideas for great art-work. For the past two weeks we have been studying lines, what can be created when they are connected and when they are bent. I’m excited to witness the creativity that will develop and blossom from your children and look forward to sharing all of my documentation with you at the end of each unit.
- Fiona

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