Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If your question is not listed, please feel free to email us or call the office. We would be happy to talk with you!

Q: When is the first day of school?

A: Traditionally, nursery schools begin one week after the public schools begin, which is one week after Labor Day. Staff comes back to work the Tuesday after Labor Day to set up the classrooms and children begin school the following Monday.

Q: How do you decide what class my child will be assigned to?

A: For the 2's, we aim for classes that are as gender equal as possible and represent the full range of birthdays, January through December. For the 3's, we also aim for gender equality and a full range of birthdays. Parent requests and teacher reccommendations (if we know your child) are also part of the consideration. For the 4's, we also look at where the child is going to kindergarten and try to place children with friends that will be going to the same school.

Q: Why does school end so early in June?

A: Traditionally, nursery schools end in early June. For families that prefer a longer school year, we offer "June Bugs" as a camp-like program that runs for two weeks after nursery school ends to coincide with the public school calendar.

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